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Thank you for your interest in our homeownership program!

Berthoud Habitat for Humanity has worked with in-kind donors and sponsors and maintained a low cost-of-construction for a single family home among both commercial and non-profit developers in the area.

Our Application Cycle is currently closed.

We will accept new applications during our next cycle between September 1 through October 31, 2024.


To be eligible for homeownership through Berthoud Habitat for Humanity, applicants must meet the following to qualify:


o     You live and/or work in the Berthoud/Campion area for a minimum of one (1) year prior to application

o     You are a US citizen or legal permanent resident

Housing Need (one or more of the following areas):

o     Your current physical structure/shelter is inadequate (i.e., structural problems, inadequate electrical or pluming, temporary or transitional, etc.)

o     Your current housing situation is overcrowded related to family size (i.e., number of persons sleeping in rooms other than bedrooms)

o     Your current environment and/or neighborhood is unsafe and/or unsanitary

o     Your household currently pays more than 30% of total gross monthly income for housing; unable to purchase a home through any other means

Willingness to Partner:

o     You are willing to complete sweat equity hours, prior to closing, equal to 250 hours for individuals (of which 50 hours can be donated) or 500 hours for families (of which 100 hours can be donated)

o     You are willing to save and pay $2,500 for closing costs at closing (i.e., homeowner insurance premium, recording fees, escrow reserve funds, etc.)

o     You are willing to participate in education sessions (i.e., budgeting, home maintenance, etc.)

o     You provide complete application and required documentation and in a timely manner

Ability to Pay:

o     Current history of paying bills on time

o     No bankruptcy within past 2 years; no outstanding judgements or liens (non-medical)

o     Your monthly debt-to-income (DTI) ratio is 43% or less (monthly debt plus potential habitat mortgage in relation to monthly gross income)

Meet Current Income Guidelines:

2023 Larimer County Area Median Income Guidelines as Determined by CHFA


Completed applications and all supporting documentation must be submitted in person. To schedule an appointment, contact Tiffany Brodie, Executive Director, via email at


Upon review of your application packet, if it is determined that you qualify, you will be contacted to schedule a time to meet with members of the Homeowner Selection Committee.

Click on the link below to download the application packet in English or Spanish.